Sir Cronk the Crooked

Meet Sir Cronk the Crooked. This little ball of fluff is a 3 and half months old Korean Short-hair. His mummy was a street cat who was taken in by a kind lady, who discovered that the mummy cat was pregnant. So in early August, 4 little fluffs came into the world. 3 girls and one boy, a.k.a Cronk. At 8 weeks old he came to command us as his personal humans.

First night with the new humans was spent snuggling in his own bed after a day of exploring the new territory.ย 

However it was not long before the Cronk had made himself King of the Castle, and his people. His favourite activity is meowing at the top of his lungs for no reason in particular, biting the humans hands and feet, and just causing general mayhem on the domains.

Observing the humans in his lair.
After coming out of his lair,ย the Crooked Mr Cronk is contemplating the days chaos, and the possible havoc to be wreaked. (Don’t be fooled by the innocent expression or you will be subjected to Crooked Shenanigans!)
Stretching a bit before chaos ensues.ย 
After the pandemonium concludes, it is important to act cute so the humans won’t be angry.

Furthermore, Sir Cronk will give out snuggles to make up for the chaos, andย his favourite place in the whole house is the human bed.

In the early days of the beds discovery.
After commanding said bed and making himself comfy.

One of the things Sir Cronk the Crooked does best when he is done causing mayhem is relaxing. Preferably on top of a human.

Of course sprawling on someones lap is one of the best things there is!
It makes for a great cuddle.
Mister Cronk is pleasured to meet you all and hopes he will see you again soon! For now he is content with going back to his nap.

Oh and before I forget, Sir Cronk the Crooked is named so, due to a little crook at the end of his tail.

Thank you for reading!

Ida Gabriella




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