Home away from home

At 23 years old, I decided to move halfway across the world from Stockholm, Sweden, to Seoul, South Korea. I did this all by myself after being told by friends and colleagues that it was all just talk. Perhaps it was their disbelief that spurred me on to actually take the leap, and for whatever reason I’m so happy that I dared.  When I was younger I used to be extremely shy, to the point that I couldn’t even go to the store by myself, and would bother my mum or younger brother endlessly for them to come with me if I needed something. I think I even bribed my brother with sweets and soda a couple of times so that I wouldn’t have to go alone. I felt so incredibly awkward with zero confidence, I didn’t believe in myself.

I have been meaning to start a blog since I first moved to Korea, but as I still struggle with confidence even to this day, I just never got around to it. Always looking at other people’s blogs and thinking that I would like to do that too, but second guessing myself and wondering why anyone would want to read my blog. In the end it was my boyfriends encouragement that got me to finally do it, he believes in me. Hearing him say that made me feel so loved, and I decided that it doesn’t matter if anyone thinks it’s silly, I’ll make this blog because I want to, for myself. So now, 3 years later sitting in a coffee shop munching on cheesecake, I’m finally taking the plunge! I welcome whoever drops by, to my little blog about the things I love!

Korea has some amazing coffee shops, many of which are open 24/7, so you will be able to satisfy your sweet tooth at any time!

Moving abroad, especially to the other side of the world, can be a very scary thing. There is the obvious fears, such as not knowing anyone, not speaking the language, and what if you get sick(?), but also such things as where do you get your hair done and how are you supposed to get hold of your favourite skin care products when you run out? Seems irrelevant I know, but what is a girl to do? Trying to navigate through all of this in the last couple of years have given me so much insight in who I am as a person and how I deal in certain situations. Like the time I lost my credit card, or when I got lost by myself on the other side of town with no phone battery. It has made me more secure in myself and I don’t spend as much time wondering if I am doing things right, or thinking about how others see me.

From working three years with makeup and skin care, and 6 almost 7 years with fashion, I’ve developed a huge obsession with these things! One of the most difficult obstacles for me moving abroad, was how in the world I was supposed to bring all my things that I absolutely need with me, i.e my entire closet and of course, my makeup and skin care items. Now after many trips back and forth and my mum sending several boxes, I have most of my precious items here in Korea. I also happen to be a big book nerd (to the point that I’m doing a bachelors in English Language and Literature), but my mother drew the line at sending clothes and makeup, so my book collection is sadly still back in Sweden. Though luckily, I have my trusty Kindle with me.


I hope you want to come along on my journey as I explore Korea, dive deeper in my beauty and skin care obsession, become an even bigger book nerd, and improve my writing skills to name a few!

Ida Gabriella




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